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Web Development

Web Hosting

We provide domain registration and hosting that has made it convinient for our customers and potential customers. Therefore we can develop a web application from stretch and provide web hosting for our customers. We strongly believe in security at ICT Choice, which we implement with the development team when we take on customer projects.

Web Applications

While IT security seeks to protect our physical assets – networked computers, databases, servers, etc. Encryption protects the data that lives on and between those assets. It’s one of the most powerful ways to keep your data safe, and while it isn’t impenetrable, it’s a major deterrent to hackers. Even if data does end up getting stolen, it will be unreadable and nearly useless if it’s encrypted.

Mobile Software Solutions

ICT Choice develops web solutions for clients that solves their needs. With experienced developers, We have developed web applications, mobile applications and also developed specific software for our customers.
We develop and support IOS, Windows, and android applications to boost your organization by using modern technologies. Everything to ensure you staying competitive.

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